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Russia's treacherous military aggression against Ukraine divided our lives into "before" and "after". Ukrainian military personnel, critical infrastructure workers, and medics give their strength and lives for our freedom and our Ukrainian future. It is time for the entire civilized world and for each of us to take our step in the development of the Ukrainian army and support our defenders.

"TVIY KROK" is a charitable foundation for material and technical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, critical infrastructure enterprises and defense forces of Ukraine.

Our goal is maximum assistance in the technical equipment of the defense forces of Ukraine.

Due to the war, the extremely complex man-made situation in Ukraine requires new principles and approaches in the operation and maintenance of machines, mechanisms and equipment. Speed, autonomy, and high level of technical equipment of specialists in the specified field come to the fore.

The "TVIY KROK" charitable foundation purchases special equipment and equipment, created according to the principle of "mobile technologies", which allow to save and repair equipment damaged by the enemy, thus preserving the health and lives of our defenders.

Our employees are in constant contact with specialists of the relevant structures of the Armed Forces and other services. They work together with them to solve the tasks as quickly and professionally as possible.

Our mission is to bring Victory closer with each step.

The Army Assistance Fund "TVIY KROK" is a history of fruitful work that allows us to quickly and effectively increase the scale of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We save the lives of our military by analyzing, forecasting and implementing projects that will help to destroy the enemy as efficiently as possible.

We are resisting Russian aggression and waging a military struggle whose supporters can believe that they will walk away alive from the battle thanks to our help.

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The best way to help is to make a contribution to our charity fund. To do this, you need to go to the SUPPORT page and choose a method convenient for you.

No, there is no minimum donation amount. Every contribution, whether it's a dollar or more, can change a situation, and we greatly appreciate every donation.

The amount you specify will be automatically debited from your card monthly. Subsequent months will be debited on the date the first payment was made.

If you make a contribution on our site, you will be able to independently choose the project you want to support. If you do not choose a specific project, your charitable contributions will be directed to support the main areas of activity of the "YOUR STEP" Foundation:

  • support for the technical equipment of the defense forces of Ukraine;
  • purchase of special machinery and equipment;
  • assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense.

We are committed to using all donations with maximum efficiency.

If you or your organization would like to become a partner of the "TVIY KROK" fund, send us a request for cooperation at office@tviykrok.com.ua

  • The fund does not accept individual requests for help for a specific serviceman, or requests from relatives/friends/acquaintances asking to provide for their close people. The main emphasis of the fund is on providing assistance to units.
  • The Foundation does not accept individual orders for charitable contributions.
  • The fund does not consider requests from volunteers or other persons who do not have a direct request from the unit command to the fund.
  • The fund does not process requests for the delivery of aid to the military.
  • The fund does not consider requests that were spoken to the hotline, sent in personal messages to the fund team, left in comments or messages of the fund and its representatives.

You can help the Foundation online. If you are an active user of social networks, you can:

  • invite your friends to subscribe to our Foundation's page;
  • share our posts and talk about the Fund's projects.

Your activity increases the reach of our page and the number of people who share our values. Together we can do much more.